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deviation in storage by Rueme
deviation in storage by Rueme


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Stephie W
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Graduate of a textile program at an art institute, I am currently living/working in Australia for a while so my base of operations will be from Sydney! I primarily create plushes but I am planning on selling some of my digitally printed textile items soon on my Etsy so keep a lookout for them~ I also cosplay and will be attending a few conventions in Sydney and maybe some others around the country as well

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Giant Octopus plush by ValkyriaCreations
Giant Octopus plush
Custom commission of a GIANT octopus......well its not enormous but it was pretty large at over 30cm for just the body alone

Not sure if I want to list this on my Etsy as the size makes shipping difficult and expensive but if anyone is interested, send me a message for a quote!

- Made from Dark lavender polar fleece
- Machine embroidered cat mouth
- 30mm black doll eyes
- Around 30+ cm for the body alone (I forgot to measure with the feet before shipping)
- Very squishy!
Adorable small chicklet plush by ValkyriaCreations
Adorable small chicklet plush
Small adorable Bird/Chick plush

Visit my Etsy shop Valkyria Creations to purchase~

- If you want to see the colours I have in stock, message me and I'll send a picture
- Almost all the parts are handsewn except the body
- For display purposes only as there are many hand sewn elements
- Sits at around 20cm long from tail tip to beak
I am the Windranger! by ValkyriaCreations
I am the Windranger!
Beautiful shot of my Windranger debut at Supanova Sydney 2015 by Ducky Jessica Photography. I will be bringing her again to Smash Sydney 2015 in August, please come say hi!! (I'm so lonely!)

Featherfall Bow
- Materials used were Eva & Craft foam, styrofoam balls, rooster feathers, a wooden dowel cut in two, and a ton of painting
- Acrylic paints + mod podge sealing coat
- Bow disassembles in half from the middle where they screw together
- Leaves are layered craft foam (2-4 layers depending on which leaf)
- Inside the layered leaves are a strip of cardboard to make it slightly more rigid, otherwise they would fold!

Featherfall Quiver & Arrows (can't see in picture)
- Made from Eva & craft foam and painted with acrylics.
- Arrows made from giant thin dowel and craft foam.

- Large arrow was made for posing purposes. Created from leftover dowel and craft foam 'feather' and arrowhead

Featherfall Spaulders
- Layered craft foam
- Painted with acrylics

Hip Armor
- Purchased two really cheap crappy belts from Ebay and cut them apart :)~
- Armoured parts are craft foam heated and shaped to the curve I needed them to be
- Painted with acrylics and sealed with mod podge

Greaves & Gauntlets
- Layered craft foam (like the pauldrons)
- Gauntlets are two parts glued together with velcro attachments
- Greaves are one parts. I only wanted to make front half (lazy) and the back are just 3 velcro straps going horizontal around my calves

For a bit more indepth pictures, check out my Facebook album for my Windranger (I'll be happy to answer questions about my construction as well)…
Digitally printed/designed pillow covers by ValkyriaCreations
Digitally printed/designed pillow covers
Although I enjoy making plushes, my major during my College years was in Craft & Design: Textiles. I learned how to create using traditional and digital methods of printing. I much prefer digitally printed fabric as it is much simpler to design your pattern on photoshop in a vast array of colours without needing to mix a single pigment paste yourself!

These designs are a set of 3 that was created in my second year of school where we were asked to create a series of production pieces. The theme I chose was how vastly different one landscape could be depending on the time of day you are viewing it from; From colours to wildlife, from sounds to sights.

Visit my Etsy shop for purchase~

Cycles of Day

- Design created in photoshop
- 18in x 18in
- Digitally printed onto Linen Cotton Canvas
- Reverse-side of pillow is Linen/Cotton mix sewed in an envelope style opening
- Pillow insert is NOT included
- These are decorative pillows and not made for rough use
- For shipping to countries not stated, feel free to send me a message and I'll get you a quote!
- I'm willing to do discounted prices if you'd like more than one style - just send me a note~

*Currently I only have one design of each - If requested though, I would be glad to have some more printed out if they are popular*
Custom Legend of Zelda: Link Octopus plush by ValkyriaCreations
Custom Legend of Zelda: Link Octopus plush
Custom Link octopus plush commission!

This was a fun little custom~
- Pastel yellow octo
- Matcha green hat with embroidery "X"
- Felt Master sword, belt, and hair

If you'd like your own custom, feel free to send me a message to my DeviantArt or Etsy (I check there more often)


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